Niklas Carlsund - locatiofinder i Stockholm

Italians in the Old Town


The Italian film company The Family from Milano went hiking all around Europe to shoot some typical european cities, and Stockholm was one of them.

In Stockholm the team fell for the beauty of Old town (Gamla Stan), a complete preserved city from 14th-19th century. I love that area! helped the team to find their ways around the narrow alleys. Soon at a theater near you! See you soon!

Swedish popstar up side down


The year of 2016 started out really well with big international clients such as Coca Cola, Youtube and Mutti (crushed tomatoes)

Recently helped the german film production company Studio 71 to set a scene at the famous Restaurant Ljunggren in Stockholm. A secret Swedish singer celebrity was in the scene drinking Coca Cola up side down, together with a Swedish so called Youtuber (a most likely young person who has on his/her own managed to become a famous name thanks to funny films he/she has made on youtube). The filming in Stockholm inner city went well, but there are always a bit troublesome to shot in the city. Cars blow their horns, cleaning machines sounds loud etc.

Hans Rosling at Östermalmshallen!


Just before Christmas, Location Finder was given an assignment by the Bill Gates Foundation, Seattle, USA.

Hans Rosling explains the world health situation on their behalf in a short information film to be sent out in conjunction with Bill Gates's annual letter, which goes out to 3 million readers. I’ve worked with the Americans a few times before, but on a smaller scale. This time we filmed at Östermalmshallen in central Stockholm, which of course was swarming with people because of the Christmas rush, but it went just fine in the end!

Merry Christmas!

Important information film!


Some locations are more fun and relevant to arrange than others. Since I have a daughter this information film feels very relevant to my own life. Location Finder was not involved in the actual shooting but arranged locations for this movie, which was filmed in Stockholm.

Against online hate among young people


In a greyish October, I received an assignment from Honesty to arrange locations for an exciting and unusual film. Halebop wanted to strike a blow against cyberbullying - especially among young people.

The result was this thoughtful and, actually, fun information film.

Summer pictures in the middle of winter


The month began with a very interesting project for Swedish Television. It will be a series that takes place on an allotment.

The recording will continue throughout the summer, so it’s a matter of finding a location that can be used throughout the entire season, a tricky challenge but a lot of fun.

Even harder when you think that the photos are taken in winter but are supposed to seem like a glorious summer…

An un-glamorous start to the year


January began with a very demanding amount of location scouting missions in Stockholm. One of the films that I contributed to with a location was this commercial for a travel agency.

Among other jobs, there was one about laundry rooms. Sometimes you have to reccy unappealing locations in Stockholm, but they are just as important as any castle!

A luxury villa for a heartbreaker!


In November Padawan Productions filmed the heartbreaker, Anton Ewalds, in a villa in Lidingö. The house is on our register at Of particular interest are the ones where the greenhouse is filmed from outside, lovely, if you ask me!

As a location scout, I have to be able to see the possibilities in an environment, and read the treatment carefully so that the client (production company or ad agency) will be satisfied with the locations they get from me and my company.

Electricity for the people


In October we made a film for Fortum, which you can see here. The scenes are predominantly filmed in Lidingö, Årsta, and downtown.

It needs a lot of logistical equipment and efficient location managers on the ground to film in town. I got some very valuable assistance from a hard working colleague who was there to help out.

Hamburgers in the countryside


In September we had a project for McDonalds and this film was the result.

It was recorded close to Gnesta, at the home of a very friendly farmer who happens to play a tractor driver in the film. The were over 50 people in the film crew, standing in the farmer’s fields. Thank God it didn’t rain that day otherwise there’s no knowing how it could have ended - most likely in a mud bath.

As location manager - and film crew in general - you need to be flexible and see solutions everywhere - but also be able to prevent potential catastrophes!

The 19th century, just an hour away from Stureplan!


The TV version of Miss Julie was filmed in a castle an hour away from Stockholm, with Helena Bergström directing.

Before Helena’s company Sweetwater chose this castle, I’d been to reccy about a dozen other castles, so I got to see a lot of interesting locations in the Stockholm area.

March began promisingly!


For the fourth year in a row, Jarokwskij production company gave Locationfinder the task of organising even more houses for the popular TV show, Solsidan. It'll be exciting to see which houses they choose!

In the middle of March, we filmed a commercial for a new TV channel. The famous photographer Hoyte van Hoytema shot the film and the location was a fantastic art nouveau castle in Roslagen, 40 km north of Stockholm. You'll be able to see the film here soon!

Next week there will be two shootings for Locationfinder, one for a big construction company, and the other for a youghurt.

At the end of the month, we'll be making a commercial for McDonald's. The house we're looking for should be really damaged looking and in the middle of renovations. I really think we have found the right house!

I picked up two foreign clients


After coming back from the vacation I picked up two foreign clients. One from Washington, USA, who did a film with the famous professor in International Health Hans Rosling, about Bill Gates endeavours in world health. We filmed at the restaurant, La Dame Noire on Kungsholmen, an exceptional location!

The other team were from London and filmed different environments in Stockholm for three days for a trailer for a large TV distributor. Since they were tired of filming just urban images, we took a trip to Gnesta, a place I know well, since I usually hire a summer house there. Look how happy the english film team is while shooting in the middle of the swedish winter! See the film here.

January was a quiet month


January was a quiet month for most people in the film business, so i took my family to Oman for some sunbathing and swimming. Märta loved the heated pool and the cool breezes. The food, on the other hand, was so-so...

This autumn has been packed with shootings


This Autumn has been packed with shoots, which is unusual for this season since most shoots in the Stockholm area take place in Spring and Summer - due to the light. So this is great for me! This picture is taken in the Stockholm archipelago, where we shot a commercial for a Finnish department store. It was great fun because the film scenes were full of references to the Finnish macho man.

Last week we had a scouting job where my company organized a villa, conference room, and a soccer field. The commercial film shoot takes place in Stockholm this week, and the customer intends to encourage people to use electricity more efficiently. It feels good to contribute to a greener society.


The recording of the Swedish cognac commercial


The recording of the Swedish cognac commercial went smoothly out on Smådalarö, outside Stockholm. We even saw four elks pass by the house! Anything can happen on a commercial shoot. The cameraman got bumped into a ditch by the bus on the way home, but he and the creative director managed to get a tow-truck to pull them out. All's well that ends well.

Ikea had their showroom in one of my favourite locations, Stigberget on Södermalm. Its fun organising PR and events, even if I'm more often involved with finding locations for commercials, tv, and movies. Compare to film-making in Stockholm Sweden, shows and events are much easier to organize as there are a lot less vehicles and equipment needed.

Now I'm off to Saltsjöbaden again to record a commercial for a well-known gardening store. We'll be mostly around the Grand Hotel in 'Saltis', a wonderful, beautiful and classic location!

The no One location scout


After several weeks looking for houses for the popular TV series 'Solsidan', the Jarowskij production company and myself are getting close to solving the 'accommodation problem' for the characters. I must have been to over 30 houses for the coming season (#3) of Solsidan, and probably closer to 100 in total, including the previous seasons. And we've finally found the right houses! The recording will take place, as normal, in Saltsjöbaden from mid-March til the end of May this year.

As a location scout, you meet a lot of humorous people and end up in a lot of interesting situations. (With a lot of coffee drinking involved!) For example, I bumped into my old chemistry teacher from the 70's, Margareta, in one of the houses I visited. Another fun meeting was with Nina, who lives in one of the 'seven villas' in Saltsjöbaden. We'd never met before but we have a lot of mutual friends. Nina invited me in for tea and we chatted about 'Saltis' (Saltsjöbaden) and suitable houses for the series, that kind of info is invaluable for me as a location scout!

Now it's almost time to start some new projects. One of those interesting projects is to organise a suitable location for an IKEA show in March. Compare to film-making in Stockholm Sweden, shows are much easier as there are a lot less vehicles and equipment needed.

Also coming up is a new project to find a suitable location for a Swedish brandy!