Niklas Carlsund - locatiofinder i Stockholm

What does a location scout do?

A location scout looks for locations for use in movies, advertisements and photographic stills.

Since film companies may not have the time or knowledge to do it themselves, the task is trusted to a location scout, for whom this is usually a full time job. - based in Stockholm, Sweden are experts in finding locations in the Stockholm area. We're also very familiar with other characteristic Swedish environments such as the mountains (Åre, Sälen), Gotland, and the west coast of Sweden.

This is the way it goes: The customer contacts and asks for one, or more, specific locations. Sometimes we already have them in our digital archive, sometimes we have to go out and search, most often by car.

Then we put notes through letterboxes, call friends and ask for tip-offs, use Facebook, go around looking for houses and present ourselves and what we do. When a home-owner has agreed to a shoot and accepted the fee, the film team comes for a 'technical reccie'. We look for practical solutions for the shoot, such as where the large amounts of cars should be, which rooms will be used in the villa or apartment, how to manage with the electrical set-up, etc.

On the last day before filming we put down paper in most of the house, and let the owner know how the filming will go.

During the shoot, the owner is normally away and the location scout then takes on the roll of location manager, i.e. he takes care that no damage is done to the house as well as directing all the vehicles that are constantly coming and going from the set. Sometimes there are a lot of trucks involved so it's a question of knowing where they will fit!

When the shoot is over, we take all the paper off the floor and clean up any other trash left from the shoot.

If any damage is done, the shoots are always covered by insurance.

Let us know if you are interested in making your home available for a shoot.

With kind regards
Niklas Carlsund